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The Noni is a tropical fruit that grows in abundance and used for thousands of years in French Polynesia. Contains several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B6), many minerals and trace elements, carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, fiber) and enzymes. The energy that gives is 12 calories in 30 ml of juice.
The Morinda Citrifolia or noni is one of the most admirable galleries off the world. Flourishes in the unspoiled islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti), where is the oldest volcanic subsoil of Earth, particularly rich in mineral elements. The NONI fruit is collected throughout the year from wild plants. This is wild shrubs that can reach up to the 8 meters and pay by 12 – 14 sygkomides time, that is up to 500 pounds of grain per month! The plant presents the unique phenomenon of simultaneous existence of flower, unripe fruit and ripe fruit.
Noni juice is an excellent antioxidant that combats aging and gives youthful look and shine. Necessary nutritious product for seniors, and major dietary supplement, both athletes, and for those who practice spiritual or manual labor. Protect against toxins, While it ensures good absorption of nutrients by the intestines, and has an overall positive effect on all body functions, as blood circulation.
As has been, in pathologies that noni has beneficial effects included:
*Heart problems. Acting beneficially in the cellular structure of the circulatory system.
*Digestive disorders. The colon needs xeronini, which is responsible for the separation of nutrients and the rejection of useless materials.
*Diabetes mellitus. The juice motivates the body to produce substances that are resisting increased blood sugar traffic.
*Immune disorders. With Noni improves the metabolism.
*Cancer. Growth inhibition was observed at an early stage and preventing the growth of cancerous tumor. What is next after the juice works like excellent antioxidant.
*Cerebral thrombosis.
*Weight problems, skin, hair.
*High pressure.
*Reduced vigor of the Organization.
*Pain problems.
*Inflammations. Contain substances with strong anti-inflammatory action.
*Insomnia. Combined benefit with the hormones melatonin and serotonin.
*Depression. Has the ability to enhance your body's hormones antidepressant.
*Learning disabilities.
*Dependencies. It turned out that the juice had a substantial contribution to the control and treatment of dependencies like nicotine, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc..
In fact the Noni juice has over 100 Basic and subdomains beneficial implementation! Noteworthy is, It can be drunk alongside all medications, conventional or alternative. even in the period of gestation or lactation. Of course the consumer needs to inform the doctor about the use of juice.
Noni juice can be consumed by people of all ages!