Win Coffee company operates in product sales
Peerless healthy coffee, and various other items.

To join someone in the sales system through recommendations
of customers, where the company pays these customers
some commissions, code must be opened with the full details of the.

Then as he advertises Brown recommending new
consumer customers, gets from the company supplies.

The payment of those supplies given as a reward of sub-
support of these consumers to the company, subject to compliance with
some conditions, referred to the site of the company.

The supply of this crashes immediately, When these are not met
conditions, When the client creates problems in the company,
the other clients and projects from other procurement requirements
third-party codes.

The payment of commissions to customers are given in concession
of the company and does not constitute a permanent right of clients.

Customers are prohibited from using, to claim,
to get supplies from other codes. If this happens then
the company stops paying any sourcing to him that
created the problem.

Any changes made in the process and in the regulation
sales, be binding immediately after their notification to
Win Coffee official website.

For someone to be eligible for commissions, You must have the code
company and is "active", "distinguished" customer.
"Active" customer – partner, It is he who makes a
buy a box of coffee at least, in a calendar month.
The "active" customer is not entitled to commissions and levels
the company gives in the form of "bonus", OSI production and if you make the
groups of. Starts to gets just become "distinguished". Of course the
lose again if it does not continue to have at least 5 [five] "active" down
from your own code.

"Distinguished" customer – partner is one who does at least
a personal purchase a box per month, and has at least 5 [five],
"active" clients – partners whom have personally enrolled himself
under its own code.

The "distinguished" customer is entitled all commissions and those
in the form of "bonus", and participates in all the goals and
Awards, gifts etc.. of the company. Of course you'll lose them all if
deprecated by "distinguished", and will take you just obtain the same

When someone is deprived of his title, stop taking the
supplies, and have three months to cover the lost production,
to regain his title, to resume taking commissions.

If you do not cover the lost production in three months, then the
supplies are lost.

The company distributes a percentage, the amount of those fees, in
eight [8] vertical consumptions [levels]. In the first three pays
from a [1] Euro, If the customer is "active". The remaining five,
It is in the form of "bonus". In these 5 levels, the company pays, by
thirty minutes [0.30], If the customer is "distinguished". With the
implementation of this new procedure payment commissions, ceases to
apply the previous, during which paid by one euro to four

Award titles to those who acquire code and recommend
the company's products are as follows.

1) " ACTIVE" – "ACTIVE". Obligation to purchase at least 1 box
coffee per month. [entitled by a euro in the first three levels]

2) "DISTINGUISHED" – "DIAKEKRIMENOS". Obligation to purchase
1 box Brown for at least a month, and to has 5 least active
partners who have personally enrolled himself in own code.
Entitled to all procurement, and additional "extra bonus" 2 coffee cans
coffee win

3) "SIGNIFICANT" – "IMPORTANT". Obligation to be "distinguished",
and to has 30 "active" partners in any order. "Extra bonus"
Professional coffee bag win.

4) "FAMOUS"- "DIASIMOS" Obligation to be "notable" and
and to has 150 "active" partners. "Extra bonus will have a Lap-Top.

5) "SUPERB" – "EXAISIOS". Obligation to be "notable" and
to have 750 "active" partners. Will have "extra bonus" a journey

6) "SUPERIOR" – "SENIOR". Obligation to be "distinguished"
and to has 2.000. "active" partners. Will have "extra bonus"
car Citroen c4 .

7) "SUPERVISOR" – "CHIEF". Obligation to be "by-
kekrimenos "and has 4.000. "active" partners. "Extra bonus"

8) "LEADER" – "KORYFAIOS" .Obligation to be "distinguished"
and to has 10.000.- "active" partners. Will have "extra bonus"
car "Maserati chibli" D4

The following terms and conditions form the sharps
operation, compliance, Agreement and acceptance of the terms of operation of
cooperators reticular, independent customers and users of this Web site
(site) the Coffee Company Ltd Win. The endorsers online below
agreement, agree, accept, implement and promote the conditions, the individual
and generally the applications and features of the Web site of win Any coffee.
additions,new regulations for cooperation and new terms of operation added,
ynepagontai automatic acceptance, compliance and implementation of operational procedures
coffee company's win , without requiring personal customer information.

The company reserves the right to make changes to the way compensation of independent distributors,
trusses, customers, without any special notice.

The company also indicates, If there is no breach of contractual obligations ,
to pay the bonus , supplies, without any special prompting.

The company is not responsible for any wrong data falsification, the omissions of third,
the partners, associated with the coffee shop win.

Customers, Members, the users of the Web site-electronic
shop-site, It is prohibited to retransmit, to reveal, to view
any personal data, the evidence for any reason,because they can
to cause damage and affect the confidentiality of persons who
participate in company.

The company says that if any infringement of this regulation
personal data,reserves all legal right, and that does not
responsible in any way that can happen any similar act.

Also not permitted in any event the copying and use of
images, texts, win coffee company's logo because they are
ownership of win coffee and protected by u.s. and international laws.

The company's website may not be used by anyone under
of 18 years.

Win coffee company indicates that it is not responsible for the surveillance process
of tax legislation on behalf of customers regarding the withholding
taxes, fees, etc.. and accepts no responsibility for any sales they make
consumers-trussed, who violate the Greek tax legislation.

Each user, NetWorker, Associate, by signing this agreement,authorizes
the coffee to win using their personal data – information – branded-
phones – photos, and waives any claim for compensation from the use

The coffee company's relationship with sellers win-trussed, based on the relationship of
independent associates and not to staff – partnership – each Twittershare franchisee.
freelance contributor is not entitled to any compensation relating to trips,
phones, food etc..

Indicates also with electronic signature, that accepts, agrees and is
obliged to comply with the terms of this Regulation any sales
new procedures posted on the Web site of the company.

Any objection the disagreement occur must be declared at time
space 3 days from the suspension of operating conditions, and automatically marks
ceasing cooperation with the customer dispute.

Any changes made in the process and in the regulation, are binding
immediately after their notification to Win Coffee official website.

The independent distributor