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The ganoderma is described with the term "Lingzhi or Reishi" and is a type of mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum's. Of the most important herbs for our diet, the therapeutic this mushroom use in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4.000 years and is known as the "King of miracle herbs». The scientific name "Ganoderma" is derived from the ancient Greek and means "bright shiny skin". The word Lingzhi ", in Chinese means "herb with spiritual power" and is also referred to as "mushroom of immortality". The results of the use of recorded in medical Chinese textbook "Shinnoh Honsohkyo", stating that between 365 healing herbs, the oil of Ganoderma lucidum, is the top and ranks first, as well as presenting the most therapeutic properties. The mushroom Ganoderma and were called "Secret of emperors", because it was considered that ingestion of youth and ensure longevity and for this reason, the ate Kings and in particular of the Mingk dynasty.
The ganoderma has six different varieties with different shape and color. Top of them, consider the red variety, that bring the most powerful therapeutic effects.
Due these miraculous healing properties?
The Ganoderma lucidum is an adaptogen herb and indeed the top among 300 about prosarmogona herbs on Earth. With clause prosarmogona identifies plants that have the ability to adapt to each agency as the uniqueness and to offer exactly what you need, Balancing and correcting functions. I.e.. the same herb, If consumed by a person who has high blood pressure can be downloaded, While if consumed by another person with low blood pressure to raise.
Proteins, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, ergosteroles, mannitol, unsaturated fatty acids, ingredients that are necessary for strengthening our immune system against diseases, contained in a high content in Ganoderma. Also contained, polysaccharides, Monosaccharides, alkaloids, coumarin, tannin, items with strong anti-cancer properties. Total, the miracle mushroom contains 400 Bioactive micro-elements that provide the Organization and improve its operation. There are two types of cells, the b and t, that alter the immune system against infections. The mushroom Ganoderma contains rare polysaccharides that have the potential to increase the production of RNA molecules and DNA in the bone marrow where created the b and t cells.
PROSARMOGONO BOTANOTa prosarmogona herbs provide exactly what the body needs at that moment. For example, an adaptogen herb suitable for blood pressure reduces blood pressure levels in hypertensive, While it can also raise low blood pressure. Similarly, an adaptogen herb suitable for treating cholesterol levels, can increase the good cholesterol (HDL-C), without increasing and bad (LDL-C). Only 300 herbs have been identified as prosarmogona, with Ganoderma Lucidum to be at the top of the list.
The Reishi mushroom helps reduce the risk of cancer and still helps in combating the incredibly. Contains more than 154 types of antioxidants and contains bgloytani, lethinan (polysaccharide), organic germanium, acting together and so are the best weapon against cancer.
The Reishi helps improve for preventing heart disease and strokes. Effect in controlling blood circulation, the reduction of lipids in the blood and prevents arteriosclerosis because it contains adenosine and triterpenes.
The Reishi contains many antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, Vitamin C etc. These all are attacking free radicals and organic germanium helps oxygenation which means that it helps in the battle against aging and give longevity.
The Reishi helps the body to lose weight, to burn fat and gives a natural stimulant metabolism due to the partnership of all components of. By activating the metabolism begin to burn more than stored fat.
The energy that gives the Reishi stimulates both the body and the mind, because the organic germanium is the best mushroom that assists in oxygenation of cells that improve overall energy.
Antioxidants of Reishi protect skin from the harmful actions of free radicals which are the cause of wrinkles and aging skin. The Reishi also helps in treating skin cancer.
The Reishi helps block to reduce the risk and to combat rheumatoid arthritis. This is because there is a parallel action of triterpeniwn, organic germanioy and immune modulators that allow control of inflammation the immune system adapts accordingly.
8. OSTA:
Due to the presence of calcium and vitamin D and other ingredients that help the absorption of calcium enhancing bones, the daily consumption of Reishi mushroom helps maintain bone density.
The Reishi helps to reduce cholesterol levels and also improves the ratio of bad and good cholesterol by reducing the level of bad precisely because it contains triterpenes triphosphate.
Reishi To helps develop obesity because it stops the movement of glucose into fat cells. Those who follow healthy diet, exercise regularly and consume Reishi is almost impossible to become obese.

The Reishi boosts the metabolism in relation to lipids and glucose and prevents sudden increases in blood sugar level balancing so the General metabolism.
Blood glucose tends to increase with age, but the polyphenols and polysaccharides in Reishi help to lower blood sugar level.
The Reishi helps lower blood pressure because it cleanses the blood and gives elasticity in arteries.
Thanks to the wonderful ingredients containing the mushroom, fights efficiently Helicobacter pylori. In particular the stomach cells work better thanks to the interactivity components that control the secretion of acids.
Due to the large quantity of insoluble fibers and semi-kyttarinwn allows the correct functioning of the rectum. It improves digestive functions and allows the extermination of harmful compounds from the body.
The Reishi empowerment improves memory, and although there is no known cure the Reishi helps the process of reduction of acetylcholine in the brain which is the cause for Alzheimer.
The Reishi mushroom antioxidants help to prevent damage to cells in the brain that is one of the causes that lead to Parkinson's, and those who regularly consume mushrooms unlikely to become ill.
18. EYE:
Thanks to the interaction of organic materials like germanium and antioxidants improves the functioning of the nervous system resulting in control of differences irritations.

Just like the ingredients calm down the nervous system along with the triterpernia who control the pains and inflammations, It helps to the fullest in the battle against migraine.

The Reishi inhibits ipatitiki failure because it is against fibrosis. The immunological properties prevent liver dysfunction. All this is achieved with the interactivity of.

Studies on the Iapwnia show that Reishi has great action in better kidney function. From nephritis up and renal failure seems to the interactivity of the components of mushroom controls and combats such problems.

The lentinani located in Reishi helps the body to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning and neutralizes the toxins produced by these bacteria.

Polyphenols, the flabanoeidi, b-gloytani and the lentinani primarily because they are on mushroom helps strengthen the immune system, strengthening of health and in the fight against infections.

The Reishi helps to prevent flu and colds just because the interactivity of the effect of components of anosotropopoiitikwn significantly improves our defences.

The anti-inflammatory properties of germanioy, the triterpeniwn allow for the relaxation of the muscles that support the bragchikoys pipes reducing the severity of asthma. In addition to the effect of anostropopoiitikwn ingredients prevent the onset of turbulence.

As the Reishi has ingredients that increase the defenses and with germanium also increases the production of interferon, helps a lot against herpes and other viruses such as hepatitis, the thalwmata, the HIV etc.

The presence of triterpeniwn as the antiistaminikes actions of ganodermikoy acid reduce allergies, So if you suffer from allergies should look seriously at the case taking Reishi very regularly.

Thanks to the action of lentinanis and other polysakcharitwn like the b-gloytani regulate the functioning of our immune system and additional combat diseases like psoriasis, the White, the Wolf, Arthritis etc.

29. HIV:
Scientists in Japan found that the lentinani of mushroom Reishi boosts the immune system and helps to reduce the onslaught of HIV virus in healthy immune system cells. This means that the Reishi helps to prevent the spread of HIV.

30. TUBAL:
The interactive qualities of ingredients found in Reishi allow relaxation of the nervous system and help reduce the stress and anxiety that have become high risk factors of diseases today. • According to the FDA and other global organizations state food and drug administration, the red mushroom Ganoderma with 400 active elements known to improve health, considered one of the most remarkable nutritional supplements.
All these qualities of Ganoderma lucidum established as the "food of the gods" and are the ones that characterize it as a necessary complement to health to each organization, in order to allow the normal functioning of the